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Union Beach Board of Education

Union Beach
Board of Education Members

Jean Watson, President
Angela Cocuzza, Vice President

Rebekah Adamczyk
Cassie Blashfield
Sarah Boyce
Julibeth Harrison-Mendoza
James McGrogan
Ashley Perez
Geri Ryan

The school board can be considered as the governing body of a school district. They are the only elected officials within an individual school district that have a say in the daily operations of that school district. A district is only as good as each individual board member that makes up the entirety of the board. Becoming a school board member is an investment that should not be taken lightly and is not for everyone. You must be willing to listen to and work with others as well as an adept and active problem solver.

The New Jersey School Boards Association requests your help in encouraging interested parents and other citizens to serve on their local boards of education. We ask that you post a link to NJSBA's School Board Candidate Kit (www.njsba.org/candidacy) and a brief video produced by NJSBA, "Consider Serving on Your Local School Board!", on your district's website. 

The Candidate Kit includes information on the responsibilities of local school boards, qualifications for membership, and the process in filing for candidacy. 

In November during the General Election, school board members will be elected in more than 90 percent of New Jersey's school districts. While November may seem a long way off, the time to decide to run for the local board of education is now. 

New Jersey's 5,000 volunteer school board members govern the education of approximately 1.4 million public school students. No other public officials—elected or appointed—have as great an impact on the lives of our children. 

Thank you for encouraging citizens to serve on their local boards of education.