Guidelines for In-School Birthday Celebrations

In an effort to be a healthy, allergy aware community, we are putting the following safety guidelines into effect:
Edible Birthday treats MUST BE healthy, and nut-free.

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picture day

Picture Day - Sept.16

We will be taking portrait pictures for Genesis and yearbook photos for the Middle School.
dismissal form

Dismissal Forms

Please fill out and return this form to establish how your child will be dismissed at the end of the day.
girl scouts logo

Join the Girl Scouts

Partnering with Girl Scouts ensures that a high-quality, girl-centered, and girl-led experience for tomorrow’s leaders and change-makers will be provided at your school district. That is why we invite you to learn more about Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore and what we can do to help the girls in your school embark on the lifetime of leadership, success, and adventure that every girl deserves.