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Acceptable Use Policy for Networks, including the Internet

Parents/Guardians: Please review the Union Beach School District's Acceptable Use Policy and compete the form below to indicate your agreement to use UBSD technology responsibly.

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1.  I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY COMPUTER ACCOUNT AND EMAIL ACCOUNT.  I will not give my password to anyone.  I will log off from my account when I am finished.  If I see another person’s work on a computer screen, I will tell an adult.  I will wait to use the computer until an adult has removed the material.

2. I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY LANGUAGE. I will only use language on the Internet and in my school email that I

would use in the classroom with my teacher. I will not use bad words when I use a computer.

3. I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW I TREAT OTHER PEOPLE.  I will not write anything mean or hurtful to another person.  I will not be a bully or make fun of anyone. I will not “stalk” any person online or by text message. I will tell a teacher if I see anything hurtful to another student online.

4.  I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY USE OF THE UNION BEACH SCHOOL DISTRICT’S NETWORK. I will not look for web pages with pictures, words, or sounds that are not appropriate in school.  I will not look for web pages or documents about sex, violence, or weapons.  I will not download any files, including music and video files, unless a teacher gives me permission.

5.  I AM A RESPONSIBLE MEMBER OF MY SCHOOL WHEN I AM ONLINE.  I will not write anything or post pictures or video that is hurtful or embarrassing to anyone on MySpace, Facebook, or any other site.

6.  I AM RESPONSIBLE TO BE HONEST ABOUT WHO I AM ONLINE.  I will not pretend to be anyone else online. I will not send email, create an account, or post any words, pictures, or sounds using someone else’s name. I will not use another person’s login name or password.

7.  I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR PROTECTING THE SECURITY OF THE UNION BEACH SCHOOL DISTRICT NETWORK.  I will not try to change security settings or install any software on school computers without permission.  I will not use a phone, personal laptop, or any electronic device in school without a teacher’s permission.

8. I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR PROTECTING UNION BEACH SCHOOL DISTRICT PROPERTY.  I will not break or destroy any computer equipment on purpose. I will not move any equipment, including keyboards and mice, without permission.

9.  I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR PROTECTING OTHER PEOPLE’S PROPERTY ONLINE.  I will not “plagiarize.” When I use information from a website, I need to let people know where I got the information. I will cite my sources.  I will obey copyright laws and will not download words, pictures, video, or music that belongs to someone else.

10.  I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR FOLLOWING SCHOOL RULES IF I PUBLISH ANYTHING ONLINE.  I will not publish any material on a school website, wiki, blog, podcast, or discussion group without permission. I will not publish a picture, including my picture, with the person’s first or last name in the caption.

As the parent or guardian, I have read the UBSD Acceptable Use Policy and I have discussed it with my child. I understand that computer access is provided for educational purposes in keeping with the academic goals of UBSD, and that student use for any other purpose is inappropriate. I recognize it is impossible for UBSD to restrict access to all inappropriate materials, and I will not hold the school responsible for materials acquired on the school network. I understand that children’s computer activities at home should be supervised as they can affect the academic environment at school. *
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