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Ms. Bernstein's 3rd & 4th grade Resource ELA & Math
Room 44



Phone:  732-264-5400 X169

Every student begins with a 100% each marking period. Every day a homework is turned in on time demonstrating his/her best, the student receives a sticker on their chart. When a row of stickers accumulates, students earn a prize. When the entire chart is filled with stickers, student earns a homework pass.
When a homework is turned in late (the very next day), student will earn 2.5 points back. If a homework isn't turned in at all, 5 points are deducted. Once a student accumulates 5 late homeworks of any kind, an after school detention is assigned.

ELA (Spelling and/or Reading):
***Wilson Sounds practice nightly! 
***Sight words - Make flash cards and practice nightly!

Monday: Spelling 3x each
Tuesday: ABC order and Wilson Practice nightly.
Wednesday: Sentences #1-6
Thursday: Sentences #7-12
Weekends:  Enjoy your quality time with friends and family. If possible, go onto RAZ-kids, and/or ixl. Read or be read to.
Monday: none
Tuesday: pgs. 9-10 #1, 2, and 5
Wednesday: pg. 14
Thursday: none
Weekends:  Practice your Math skills!
Drill your addition, subtraction, & times tables!!!  Rote memorization songs, games, etc. etc.