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If you have any questions please contact me.

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Class Information:

4th and 5th Grades- We start and finish each year the same with Presidential Fitness Testing. The areas in which your child will be tested are:

1- Mile Run, Sit Ups (1 minute), Push-ups, V-sit and Reach and Shuttle Run. 

As a Physical Education teacher I is my goal to improve every child's overall physical health and through these five simple tests, I  can rate and show improvement in their health. The child is not graded on these activites be shown where they compare to he rest of the nation. Charts are placed in the gym which show the national average along with presidential average. Along with these results I will post the best results for the school giving students something to aim for.

Upon completion of these tests students will spend the rest of the year playing team building games, working on basic skills like throwing, catching and kicking along with the team sports that work hand and hand with them. I try my best to match up the activity we are doing in class with what is in season. 

Example; Football in the Fall or Softball in the Spring.

Students are responsible to be outfitted appropriately on Physical Education days.

This may include:

  • Sneakers
  • Athletic shorts and shirt
  • Sweatshirt or jacket if it is cold
  • Ready to learn and have fun


6th-8th Grades- Students at the Middle School level are now required to change daily. Students will receive 7 points for everyday they are changed and on task in class. The added together will equal 100pts, and their final grade. 

4 Unprepared will result in a 60 for the marking period, students will be given time to make up these unprepareds before and after school at a later time. There will also be the option for a writing assignment that will be attached to this website further down.


6th Grade- During the 1st marking period students will learn about wellness and how your body reacts to different situations. Students will begin to understand heredity and genes that are passed down from generation to generation.

The Big idea this year is to learn what the word HEALTH really means and how it affects there lives and those around them.


7th Grade- These students will begin to learn about the basics of the male and female reproductive systems. After acquiring a basic knowledge for the subject areas students will move into learning about pregnancy and the life cycle from birth up until death. Students will also study Fitness and Nutrition.

Unit 1 PP -

The Big Idea for seventh grade is to understand their bodies are going through changes and that they need to start making healthier decisions on where they eat and how they workout along with listening to there changing body.


8th Grade- Students will learn about tobacco and alcohol along with other illegal and over the counter drugs. Students will learn what addiction is and how you can fight the problem or help others with the problem. Students will also learn how the media and peer pressure affect decisions we make a daily basis.

Unit 1 PP -

The Big Idea for Eighth grade is that students will understand the topics and that peer pressure to try them will pick up as they get older so I will be giving them the skills to say No along with the reasoning behind it.